Noah Lifschey


Noah is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and musician based in Los Angeles. He comes from a family of classical musicians and forged his path in a wide swathe of eclectic music and art. He’s becoming known for his handcrafted, personal, outside-the-box scores which incorporate disparate styles like modern classical, ambient, spaghetti western, analog electronic, noise, rock, bebop, and hip hop.

His numerous credits include the lauded Blood Sun Vendetta anime series, the Academy Awards, Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Anne Hathaway’s Sidekicks, Rag and Bone VR Presentation (w/ Thom Yorke), Neighborhood Alert w/director Ngozi Onwurah, Samsung VR NBA and Summer Olympics, Roblox, A&E The Squad, Starz, L.A. Lakers, multiple Comedy Central Roasts...

He’s an accomplished drummer, guitarist, bassist, and modular synth geek, and he’s played all over the world. He currently works in his workshop housing an analog synth lab and lots of real and weird instruments. He performs live when he can.

He got a 2022 HMMA nomination for Best Emerging Composer, won a 2018 Mark Award for Best Hip Hop Crossover Composer/Producer and two Hollywood Media in Music awards in 2019 & 2021. He’s endorsed by Steinberg, Dynaudio Pro, and Tendrils modular.

He also has a great hat collection.