J Alex Brinson

David Morant

J. Alex Brinson is an American Canadian actor/writer/producer.

Originally from Philadelphia, J. Alex was born to a social worker mother, Cheryl V. Foreman, and businessman/entrepreneur father, John W. Brinson.

Brinson's talent was discovered by a small group of caring elementary school teachers. Struggling to learn how to read at his local inner-city public school, in the 2nd grade J. Alex started at a special school for students with learning differences and dyslexia. The Benchmark School in Media, PA. offered J. Alex his first opportunities to light up the stage in a variety of roles in the school's musicals. These first opportunities lead to small appearances in regional commercials, industrials, and then at twelve years of age, J. Alex landed a lead role in the PBS kids series "Maple Ave."

During the summers J. Alex spent his days studying at the Philadelphia Freedom Theatre. His first summer jobs were playing masked children's characters with a children's party clown company, and acting as a costumed tour guide with the Philadelphia Zoo.

After attending high school at the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts, Brinson was accepted into the Juilliard School of Drama at 18 years of age. He moved to New York City, studied, and graduated from the prestigious institution with a Bachelors of Fine Arts.

Brinson finished school just as the industry went dark during the 2008 writers strike. With no credits to ride on, or acting opportunities presenting themselves, he opted to move to Vancouver, BC and work with a colleague on developing a waste management & recycling start up called Recycle- Now!. After successfully growing the business for five years, differences in management styles lead Brinson to leave the company and head back into entertainment.

Vancouver Film School accepted him on full scholarship, based on his merit and what they called his "likelihood of future success." He attended the school and studied cinematography, post-production, and producing. J. Alex loved his time at the institution, but left weeks shy of graduating because of what he describes as "discrimination issues."

But soon after, he returned to his first love of acting, and got his first big break, landing a role alongside Eric McCormick and Nesta Cooper, in the Netflix Sci-fi Series 'Travelers.' After three seasons on the series, with the help of his castmates and new friends, he transitioned to Los Angeles to pursue larger roles and continue building his career.

Artistic praise for his work on 'Travelers,' and profound luck landed Brinson in the sights of Warner Bros. Television, where he tested for two new series' in the same few weeks...one of which would become the life-changing role of the bailiff-turned talented attorney "Luke Watkins" on the hit CBS series "All Rise." The show is now in it's 4th season, and beloved by audiences around the world.

Outside of storytelling, J. Alex's second love is real estate, which he inherited from his father. So when not filming, he can be found working on a community development project, or helping his friends and private clients with Real Estate investments.

Brinson resides between New York City and Montreal with his partner, actor/singer/producer Lindsay Mendez, and his step-daughter Lucille.

- Written by Venton Blandin